The Lake2Lake Challenge

Team Russouw

It's the return of the 2020 Team Russouw!

On the weekend of September 18th and 19th I have committed to riding the original Lake 2 Lake route from Vernon to Eagle Bay Camp and back with a group of comitted Lake 2 Lake participants in support of the work of the Wellspring Foundation for Education. The total 2 day distance will be around 200km. In these uncertain times we find ourselves in I believe it is important to support Wellspring and their ongoing support to vulnerable communities in Rwanda—both at the school level (as schools are often a focal point for community care, food programs, and overall social cohesion), and by playing a part in Rwanda’s wider response to the current COVID-19 crisis.

My annual Lake to Lake Ride for Rwanda usually takes place around this time but since it cannot be held this year due to COVID restrictions, many of the usual participants have chosen to ride, run, walk or even skateboard to continue to raise money for this great cause. Please help support me in this important work by contributing generously.

Once again, Dor’Ann will also be joining me. I am also excited to have my brother along for support on the ride. (he says he may even ride a portion with me).

Please cheer me on from home next weekend as I push to ride this beautiful route. If you want to join me for part of it, drop me a line. I would love the company.

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