The Lake2Lake Challenge


This September 19th, we (Kevin and Louise) will be participating in Wellspring's Ride for Rwanda to support the work of Wellspring's exceptional Rwandan teammates as they strengthen education for vulnerable children and close the learning gaps created by COVID-19.

Will you join us?

Ride along or sponsor us to reach our goal of $8000

We are really passionate about education and its power to open doors, open minds and open up a brighter future for children all over the world.

Louise is so passionate, in fact, that she has left her career as a teacher in Ontario to support the goal of inclusive quality education in East Africa with The Wellspring Foundation for Education.

The impact of 8 months of pandemic related school closures in places like Rwanda can not be underestimated.

Gaps in learning have widened, posing the risk of higher dropout rates for all children, but particularly girls and children from poor housholds. Wellspring is working to ensure that these children do not lose ground, by training and mentoring for teachers, school leaders and parents.

Wellspring's vision is to support children with safe inclusive classrooms where active learning is the norm and to encourage home environments that value education and learning for all children, including girls and those with special needs.

You too can be part of this effort.

Our goal is to raise $8000

$1000 for every consecutive month that schools were closed in Rwanda.

Every gift counts, there is none too big or too small. Please consider making a donation today.

Let's close learning gaps together by making sure kids get back to learning.


Louise and Kevin

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